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What is the difference between traditional logistics and intelligent logistics transportation equipment?


Intelligent logistics transportation equipment is the use of integrated intelligent technology, so that the logistics system can imitate human intelligence, with the ability to think, perceive, learn, reason and judge and solve some problems in logistics. The future development of intelligent logistics will reflect four characteristics: intelligence, integration and hierarchy, flexibility and socialization. A large number of intelligent operations planning and decision-making in the logistics operation process; with logistics management as the core, the integration of transportation, storage, packaging, loading and unloading in the logistics process and the layering of intelligent logistics systems; the development of intelligent logistics will be more Highlight the "customer-centric" concept and flexibly adjust production processes based on changes in consumer demand; the development of intelligent logistics will promote the development of regional economies and the optimal allocation of world resources to achieve socialization. Through the four intelligent mechanisms of the intelligent logistics system, namely the intelligent acquisition technology of information, intelligent transmission technology, intelligent processing technology, and intelligent application technology.

Intelligent logistics is the use of advanced Internet of Things technologies such as barcodes, radio frequency identification technology, sensors, global positioning systems, etc. through information processing and network communication technology platforms to be widely used in logistics industry transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging, loading and unloading to achieve basic cargo The automatic operation and efficient management of the transportation process improve the service level of the logistics industry, reduce costs, and reduce the consumption of natural and social resources. The Internet of Things provides a good platform for the logistics industry to combine traditional logistics technology with intelligent system operation management, which can better and faster realize the informationization, intelligence, automation, transparency, and system operation of intelligent logistics. mode. The implementation of intelligent logistics emphasizes the intelligentization of logistics process data, network collaboration, and intelligent decision-making. Intelligent logistics must achieve 6 "correct" functions, that is, the correct goods, the correct quantity, the right place, the right quality, the right time, the correct price, and technically: item identification, location tracking, Item traceability, item monitoring, real-time response.

    In traditional logistics transportation, the types and risks of transportation, the transportation links and action methods in the logistics process, and the services of logistics companies all affect the cost and quality of logistics transportation. Intelligent logistics is the use of integrated intelligent technology, so that the logistics system can imitate human intelligence, with the ability to think, perceive, learn, reason and judge, and solve some problems in logistics on their own.

    It is estimated that by 2015, the industry scale of China's core technology of intelligent logistics will reach 200 billion yuan. It is reported that the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" for intelligent logistics is about to be launched. Intelligent logistics is to position intelligent logistics informatization according to its actual level and customer needs, which is the direction of the future development of international logistics informatization.

How should logistics develop in the future?

     On the one hand, logistics enterprises can reduce logistics costs by informatizing optimized scheduling and effective allocation of logistics resources; on the other hand, strengthen management and improve logistics efficiency in the logistics process to improve the quality of logistics services. However, with the rapid development of logistics, the logistics process is becoming more and more complicated, and the difficulty of optimizing the allocation and management of logistics resources has also increased. The joint scheduling and management of materials in all links of the circulation process are more important and more complex. The level of informatization management of traditional logistics enterprises in China is still relatively low, unable to achieve the improvement of logistics organization efficiency and management methods, which hinders the development of logistics. To realize the long-term development of the logistics industry, it is necessary to realize the informationization and intelligence of the entire logistics network from the logistics enterprise. Therefore, the development of intelligent logistics becomes inevitable.

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