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What are the applications of integrated wastewater treatment?


Integrated sewage treatment equipment is suitable for domestic sewage in residential quarters, villages, villages and towns, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, institutions, schools, troops, hospitals, highways, railways, factories, mines, and tourist attractions. Similar small and medium-sized industrial organic wastewater treatment and reuse in slaughtering, aquatic product processing, and food. The quality of the sewage treated by this equipment has reached the Grade B standard of the national comprehensive sewage treatment discharge standard.

The main treatment method is the contact oxidation method using biochemical treatment technology. The design of the combined integrated domestic sewage treatment equipment is mainly based on the domestic sewage and similar industrial organic sewage treatment water quality parameters, and the inlet BOD5 is 200mg / L meter.

The main components are: 1. Hydrolytic acidification tank; 2. Contact oxidation tank; 3. Impurity precipitation tank; 4. Disinfection treatment; 5. Sludge aerobic digestion tank.

Hydrolytic acidification tank

The main process of this process is to pre-treat the sewage before treatment, to perform a certain anaerobic fermentation of the wastewater in the water, and to improve the biodegradability of the sewage. This is an important step before the sewage treatment, and it can directly affect the sewage The efficiency and time of treatment can maximize the efficiency of waste water treatment and reduce consumption.

2. Contact oxidation tank

The oxidation pond is divided into several levels according to the degree of pollution of water treatment, ordinary type and enhanced type. Generally judged based on the processing time. If the treatment time is not more than four hours, use a common oxidation tank, and if the treatment time is between 4-6 hours, use an enhanced oxidation tank. It mainly uses the effluent from the hydrolysis acidification tank to flow to the contact oxidation tank for biochemical treatment. Most of the organic matter in the raw sewage is degraded and purified here. Aerobic bacteria use the filler as a carrier and use the organic matter in the sewage as food to decompose the organic matter in the sewage into inorganic salts, thereby achieving the purpose of purification. To survive aerobic bacteria, there must be enough oxygen, that is, enough dissolved oxygen in sewage to achieve the purpose of biochemical treatment. The aerobic tank air is provided by a fan. The tank uses a new type of elastic three-dimensional filler. The surface area of the filler is large, the service life is long, the film is easy to hang, and it is corrosion resistant. At the same time, it has the advantages of light weight, no aging, easy blocking, and long service life. The gas-water ratio of the contact pool is around 12: 1. (0.5-5 m3 / h contact level is secondary)

3. Impurity sedimentation tank

After the sewage is treated by the biological contact oxidation pond, the effluent flows into the sedimentation tank to further precipitate and remove the fallen biofilm and some organic and inorganic small particles. The sedimentation pond is based on the principle of gravity. When the sewage containing suspended matter flows from the bottom to the top, At this time, the material is precipitated by the action of gravity. The upper part of the sedimentation tank is provided with an adjustable weir to adjust the water level; the lower part is provided with a conical sedimentation area and a sludge gas device. The air source is provided by a fan, and the sludge is transported to the sludge aerobic digestion tank by air lift.

4. Disinfection

The disinfection tank is 30 minutes according to the standard «TJ14-74». If it is hospital sewage, the disinfection tank will increase the residence time to 1-1.5 hours. Our company adopts chlorine dioxide disinfection device. The disinfection tank and disinfection device can continuously change the dosage according to the amount of water output to achieve the purpose of adding more water and more medicine, and less water and less medicine. Other devices can be prepared separately. (If used for industrial sewage, disinfection tanks and disinfection devices can be omitted.)

5. Sludge aerobic digester

The remaining sludge discharged from the sedimentation tank is subjected to aerobic digestion and stabilization treatment in the tank to reduce the volume of the sludge and improve the stability of the sludge. After aerobic digestion, the amount of sludge is small. When cleaning, you can use a suction truck to reach the bottom of the sludge tank from the inspection hole of the sludge tank for suction and then transport it (clean up once every six months). The upper part of the sludge aerobic digestion tank is provided with a supernatant liquid reflux device, so that the supernatant liquid overflows to the hydrolysis and acidification tank.

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